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Value for money Videocon V1306 April 21, 2010

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I purchased this mobile only a few days back and am pretty much satisfied by the performance.

The mobile is absolutely packed with all features except camera and serves well as an entry-level model. It is a light weight phone with dual sim. The battery back up is decent. It has 2GB memory card slot and polyphonic ringtones. An in-built antenna serves well to people who rely on FM when in city. A colored display and very easy to use interface will serve as a competitor to entry-level Nokia and Samsung models.

If you have a forgetful husband or careless kids or simply you want a small package replete with features; go this Videocon mobile.

light weight, easy-to-use V1306

Videocon V1306 mobile


5 things which disappear when you need them the most. April 16, 2010

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This title I picked from Kiran Manral’s blogspot: http://thirtysixandcounting.wordpress.com/2010/04/13/five-things-that-disappear-just-when-you-need-them

I was inclined to list out those 5 things which disappear when I need them the most

  1. The keys- When you are trying to reach for keys, they are deep down in your handbag buried under universe of relevant and not-so-relevant items. Key will be the last to emerge from handbag. By the time this happens, my daughter would be staring at me giving that familiar u-did-it-again look.
  1. Kurta buttons – I can never find them. So I stopped purchasing kurtas for my husband. I simply cannot locate them when he needs them the most.
  1. The mobile – Can’t write anymore. I can’t find it. Though I have taken an initiative to place it on the mobile stand and make this a habit.

I want to write 5 things. I need to rush now. SO will update it later.


Dahi_Sev_Puri Recipe March 25, 2010

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I am adding a Recipe cateory to this blog. The recipes that I have tried and tested will find an entry here.

Dahi-Sev-Batata Khakra

1. Boiled potatoes
2. Onions
3. Sev
4. Ginger-garlic paste (optional)
5. Chaat masala
6. Curd
7. Puri or khakra

Mash the boiled potatoes in a bowl
Add finely chopped onions to it
Add finely chopped cabbages to it
Add finely chopped coriander to it..
Add salt, chilly powder, chaat masala to taste.
Add curd to the above mixture and mix it nicely.
Then crush Khakra in small pieces and mix it.

Serve it in a dish, garnish with Sev

Note: You can add khatta imli ka paani to it also.
However that will result in acidity.So I avoided it.
Ginger garlic paste is also optional for same reason
as above.

It served as a nice evening snack for my daughter.I want
her to eat more veggies, so I add any combination that is
at my disposal.


Recipes-tried and tested only

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I am adding a Recipe category to this blog. The recipes that I have tried and tested will find an entry here.


At five in the afternoon February 22, 2010

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This post is about the movie I saw on some channel named “At five in the afternoon”.

I did not get a chance to see the movie full length. I viewed it somewhere half way through the start. This film had a deep impact on me and hence I am writing this post.

I will not go into the story much, rather only disclose that it is journey of a woman in a land called Afghanistan.First of all, it captures the landscape of Afghanistan unlike anything we have seen on TV. It is vast, barren and devoid of any life form. The rocky surface and empty moutains make it all the more lifeless. There is no trace of vegetation. And it showed the land in a manner that I will not want to witness myself. The only sight of this land made me feel the hardships one must be facing to survive. Yes, survive is the word. One has to survive the harsh weather, hostile regime (whichever it is), warring lords and crooked human nature.

As a person who can easily voice one’s opinion, one who can easily get that bucketful of water by turning on a tap, one who does not have to sacrifice the only possessions of one’s life only to survive, I consider my self very lucky to say the least in context of this movie.

One of the few scenes imprinted on my mind is when the lady loses her infant child in her arms and carries the infant with her for 3 days with the hope that it is frozen and not dead and will get up soon.  Second one is when there is nothing left to light a bonfire to keep the entourage warm against the chilly,harsh afghani weather and the old man is forced to burn the carriage.How symbolic!! The carriage is the only thing they can rely upon to travel the distance. they have to chose between the immediate necessity to survive against the comfort of traveling on the horse carriage.

The essence of a Afghan life is captured beautifully and realistically by the director, a woman.


CLint Eastwood’s films and his characters February 8, 2010

I watched Mystic River yesterday.
It is was so much typical Clint Eastwood drama. I have also watched his earlier award-winning flick “Million dollar baby”.

Each of his leading actors is portrayed as troubled people. They either have a traumatic upbringing or a tumultuous relationship with their parents/home. And it is always the unrelated friends or discovered acquaintances who help the protagonist in a big way to overcome the problems they have faced during movie.

An eerie feeling about how life would have been different had the characters made or not made a few decisions which they ended up making. Thats what i felt upon watching Dave Boyle from Mystic River. As Dave is being killed by Jimmy; I thought why did Dave not tell the truth to his wife? His sufferings as a child were well-known to the entire town; so why hide it from wife dear? Also why did he not simply gather strength to tell at least some story to his wife if not the truth?

 Also in question is his wife Celeste. Why does she not believe Dave? He looked so harmless in the marriage and the contrary to this is not mentioned in the movie. What was the need for her to approach Jimmy with her doubts? She would have saved her hubby had she only managed to wriggle the truth from him. Dave got killed in the process. And all that Celeste was left with was desperation, heart-break and loneliness.Her one inane action left her son despondent.From the look of it,Dave was a very doting father.Jimmy among others is very predictable. He did what he thought was necessary and is also clear that had the police nailed the killers earlier, Dave would have never been killed.

At the end of the movie I felt very bad for Dave. Such an innocuous person bore the brunt of everything;circumstances, relatives, his own attitude and finally LUCK.We are left with Orphaned Micheal, heartbroken and crestfallen Celeste, repentant Jimmy, helpless Sean and unlucky but dead Dave!!


Parched Future for India? February 5, 2010

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The water woes and electricity woes of India @60 stand staring at my face. The country with ever increasing population faces some problems which are not very different from Bijli, Sadak, Pani; increasing life expectancy, decreased land under cultivation, changes in weather patterns and its subsequent effect on Agri-business needs to be addressed and addressed fast.

There are no major power generation plants under planning. How long can we depend on thermal and hydro power plants? It is time to look at renewable sources of energy. Every one knows that but no one is taking concrete steps towards it.

I think to initiate steps like these; some major overhaul needs to happen; like what happened in 1991 when magician finance minister Manmohan Singh rescued India from License Raj and paved the way for development.

Who is going to be the new era Manmohan Singh or Montek Singh who will have the ‘WILL’ and the power and responsibility to take India into the new age of excesses.