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MartJack hosts GeraldOnline November 21, 2009

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I am so happy today. It is difficult to contain my excitement or express it with several jumps in the air or even a few high fives are not enough. MartJack has acquired an esteemed client for itself.

MartJack is an e-commerce product (from Reasoning, my employers) that I am associated with since its conception. It is such a proud moment to see this promising enabler platform (which was just an idea couple of years ago) turn into this full-fledged retail solution. What a journey has this been:starting with hosting of a small store at Koti, Hyderabad to hosting GeraldOnline.

Gerald Online is UK’s largest online e-store and MartJack is hosting this UK giant on its enabler platform. MartJack has grown in code line by line and with features one at a time. I really want to congratulate the team that materialised the idea “MartJack” into reality.

So to all ya fellas, who dreamt of code at nights or sacrificed their holidays or came up with brilliant bug solutions or testers or implementation experts or any one who persevered. Congratulations to one and all!!


Celebrating Sisterhood November 20, 2009

There is no greater fun than having a sister while you are growing up. I am so thankful to God, for blessing me with one. The small fights and not so small fights, choosing the dresses, choosing the colors, sharing and not sharing the things between them, fighting over who sleeps on what side of bed, who makes the tea, who prepares Maggi, who cleans up and who serves, what movies to watch, and discuss the movies when other one does not understand it. It’s a life of discussing friends, fighting over friends, discussing the hostel fights and fighting over fights, having diverse interests and yet accommodating them in same room, on same walls. Having a sister is posting a sports person poster next to some singing sensation poster (when you are not so fond of him/her).

Movies are so much fun with my sister around. Crimson Red, Forrest Gump, Cast Away, K-10, the widow maker, Titanic, Time under fire, Hera Pheri and the list is never-ending. Each of these movies is memorable because we watched it together. Each movie has a story of our own to go with it.

Sister becomes your close confidante and agony aunt (to name a few roles that my sister assumed) and you never even realize when she slipped into that position. 

It’s a wonderful journey from tending to a toddler sister to see her as a working woman. I miss my sister.

This post is for all the sisters and the childhood they shared together.


Why should Tendulkar be perfect? November 17, 2009

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Are we a nation besotted with perfection? Some say we are deprived of heroes. Others say we cannot tolerate mediocre when some one else is being tested. Are we a nation where scales tip between GOD and MORTALS and there is not golden midpoint?

The guy opened the batting for India for almost 15 years now. He played well into 40-42nd over many times. But yes, he may not have finished it. He bowled mind boggling deliveries at times and got the breakthrough. Yet, not many 5 wickets haul. Or he does not have a convincing strike rate either. Like a tagline for a TV commercial he did several years ago for “Home Trade”- MORE…… What ever his achievements are, we are as nation always wants MORE. Such has been the nature of his performance that he sets new standards every time he bats. As a 25 year old who won the Sharjah trophy and silenced a sand storm, we want him to fetch those winning runs for us. Like his match winning last over in Hero cup finals, we want him to pick wickets when we need one. So early in his career, has he set such high standards, that it proves too much for him to surpass them every time he walks on to the 22 yards strip.

 Look at the conduct of the man for last 2 decades. No disciplinary hearings against him, no bans (barring the Mike Dennis fiasco) or no security breach either. And yet every time, he says a small thing, it attains gigantic proportions. Whether it is about declaration on 194 n.o.

Why do we expect one and all from him? Why should he support rallyist, or support a political or social cause, or voice concern about players stress? Why should he score those winning runs? Ok, now I will like if does, but if does not then he still is Tendulkar. Why compare him to some other street smart cricketer or matchwinner and expect him to be so? Why belittle his achievments by comparing his skill set to a totally opposite cricketer temperament wise?

Just recognise his contribution and accept and appreciate and celebrate it. Why dissect and post mortem it always.

Stop counting how many matched we lost cos he did not score the winning runs or cos he did not perform in a final. Savour his 17k and move on. Do we have the courage to drop him from final matches citing any of the above mentioned reason?


Heart break for India November 6, 2009

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“Heart break for India” screamed the news channels when India Australia encounter concluded yesterday. Yet again “almost” there syndrome follows Indian cricket (except for an occasional NatWest win or T20 win). 

A sizzling hot dish of one day cricket was served. A perfect mix of grit, determination, dropped catches, missed run-outs, balanced head and not so balanced head.

 Let us not even discuss Dhoni, Yuvraj and Gambhir dismissals for their lack of mental application and sheer conduct on field. With Tendulkar going steadfast, all they had to do was to hold one end. A partnership worth 50 runs contributed by above mentioned millionaires would have seen India home, only if they had stayed on wicket. No one would have expected India to get this close. But Raina and Tendulkar managed exactly that. Bringing India within 50 runs of the target. Though Raina played superbly and complemented Sachin, I still feel that he got out to a rash shot. It looked like a predetermined shot. And then Harbhajan ahead of Jadeja. Why is he in team, if cannot make 30 something to take India home? Harbhajan, well every time he is promoted, he will return with not so great score. Let us discount the poor chap for poking at the off stump/ outside the off stump line. 

But needless, thoughtless and absolute lack of temperament was displayed by Jadeja. The guy simply bolted across the pitch. How forgivable is that when target is like 20 odd runs at run a ball or more. 

We cannot blame Praveenkumar for not diving as even an opener like Sehwag is reluctant to dive. To do the basics right is not an Indian way anyways. Nehra did what a number 10 batsman does; sees a full toss and hits. Only that he did not get distance or the elevation right. 

Tendulkar dismissal I prefer to give a skip. He got us close. May be he should have restrained from unorthodox shot when batting power play was at his disposal or may be he should have let the slower ball fetch 1 run and eyed rest of the over. Mckay must be delighted and Ponting relieved for sure.


What do I cook today? November 5, 2009

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With a near empty vegetable tray, I am immersed in thoughts of what do I cook for dinner? I wonder how this question repeats it self every week. I can attribute this to my limited culinary skills or fallible memory. With only tomatoes at hands I am thinking. I will have to manage with a few potatoes.


People and personalities.

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I have learnt an important lesson today. To accept the people for what they are rather than seeking perfection from them. Let me say, not perfection but our expectations of what they should or should not do. We look at the positives of the personality and accept it.

I should thank a friend of mine to give an insight on this. Its easier to forge relationships and keep them healthy.


and i have a blog!!! November 4, 2009

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After deliberating for last few days, I finally have a blog. I may put in my favourite recipes, or lash out at a casual dismissal of Indian cricketer or I dont know what else.