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Celebrating Sisterhood November 20, 2009

There is no greater fun than having a sister while you are growing up. I am so thankful to God, for blessing me with one. The small fights and not so small fights, choosing the dresses, choosing the colors, sharing and not sharing the things between them, fighting over who sleeps on what side of bed, who makes the tea, who prepares Maggi, who cleans up and who serves, what movies to watch, and discuss the movies when other one does not understand it. It’s a life of discussing friends, fighting over friends, discussing the hostel fights and fighting over fights, having diverse interests and yet accommodating them in same room, on same walls. Having a sister is posting a sports person poster next to some singing sensation poster (when you are not so fond of him/her).

Movies are so much fun with my sister around. Crimson Red, Forrest Gump, Cast Away, K-10, the widow maker, Titanic, Time under fire, Hera Pheri and the list is never-ending. Each of these movies is memorable because we watched it together. Each movie has a story of our own to go with it.

Sister becomes your close confidante and agony aunt (to name a few roles that my sister assumed) and you never even realize when she slipped into that position. 

It’s a wonderful journey from tending to a toddler sister to see her as a working woman. I miss my sister.

This post is for all the sisters and the childhood they shared together.


One Response to “Celebrating Sisterhood”

  1. Sravanthi Says:

    I accept this truly as I too have one elder sis. She is cho chweet that i still get whatever I like from her like handbags, lucknow dresses, few makeup items, etc. even when I am married you know. Enjoy the shopping in koti purchasing fancy items, dress materials and eating gupchup, chat and what not while shopping. Never enjoyed so much even with friends also as much with my sis.

    Don’t know how it is having a younger one but having a elder sis is really secured i feel. Anything you want turn to her and say “Didi……………’.

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