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MartJack hosts GeraldOnline November 21, 2009

Filed under: Personal — Mukul @ 10:17 am

I am so happy today. It is difficult to contain my excitement or express it with several jumps in the air or even a few high fives are not enough. MartJack has acquired an esteemed client for itself.

MartJack is an e-commerce product (from Reasoning, my employers) that I am associated with since its conception. It is such a proud moment to see this promising enabler platform (which was just an idea couple of years ago) turn into this full-fledged retail solution. What a journey has this been:starting with hosting of a small store at Koti, Hyderabad to hosting GeraldOnline.

Gerald Online is UK’s largest online e-store and MartJack is hosting this UK giant on its enabler platform. MartJack has grown in code line by line and with features one at a time. I really want to congratulate the team that materialised the idea “MartJack” into reality.

So to all ya fellas, who dreamt of code at nights or sacrificed their holidays or came up with brilliant bug solutions or testers or implementation experts or any one who persevered. Congratulations to one and all!!


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