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Decade recap January 7, 2010

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Decade recap

2001, what a year it was, one that polarized the world like never before. WTC attacks divided the world into east and west, on grounds of religion, on basis of nationalities and these divisions will haunt us for years to come. Afghanistan was the first causality of 9/11 attacks. 2002 passed in the shadow of WTC attacks and no American felt secure or invincible anymore.

Then with Iraq war ensued in 2003, and the divisions were more permanent.

Then the unthinkable happened. A phenomenon we read only in books happened and when it did, we looked in horror. Tsunami: The tidal waves hit the shores of Indian peninsula among other south Asia pacific coastlines and 2004 was not ordinary anymore. It was registered in the future editions of Geography books.

If 2004 ended with natural disasters, 2005 followed up with massive earthquake in Kashmir. (I cannot forget picture of a school in shambles). Also to hit US of A was hurricane Katrina. The pictures of southern states showed how America lied under water and how difficult it was for the administration to reach out to the suffering population.

2006 saw the debate against reservation in India. The medical community spearheaded the campaign. It saw the end Saddam Hussein, dreaded dictators of recent times.

Pakistan premier Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in 2007.

Mumbai was under attack. Few gunmen held the city and 2 of its most prestigious hotels to ransom for more than 90 hours. I refuse to talk about spirit of Mumbai or inaction of government. A word of mention for Karambir Kang

2009: Michael Jackson bid adieu to the world, recession of 2009 hit the world.

I have skipped a few events in this list. The surge in prices of gold from INR 4500 to 17K something today, release of Harry Potter series and various attacks on Indian soil


Kurbaan, of a otherwise good story January 2, 2010

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Kurbaan has a wonderful story. A very contemporary story. Only that it should have been handled deftly.

The most foolish part is Vivek Oberoi refusing to contact FBI when he  gets to know of the plot. Seriously it is a crime and he can be tried for it. Kareena is the only saving grace of movie. She handles the talented, in love, confused and then betrayed part of character wonderfully. Her anger on Ehsaan is evident every time their eyes meet. Saif is a total disappointment. He hardly looks anything like a dreaded Khalid, he is supposed to be.

Best part of the movie. In the closing sequence, Avantika ask Ehsaan his real name. (I wonder can any one think of this question when their life is at stake)