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Kurbaan, of a otherwise good story January 2, 2010

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Kurbaan has a wonderful story. A very contemporary story. Only that it should have been handled deftly.

The most foolish part is Vivek Oberoi refusing to contact FBI when he  gets to know of the plot. Seriously it is a crime and he can be tried for it. Kareena is the only saving grace of movie. She handles the talented, in love, confused and then betrayed part of character wonderfully. Her anger on Ehsaan is evident every time their eyes meet. Saif is a total disappointment. He hardly looks anything like a dreaded Khalid, he is supposed to be.

Best part of the movie. In the closing sequence, Avantika ask Ehsaan his real name. (I wonder can any one think of this question when their life is at stake)


2 Responses to “Kurbaan, of a otherwise good story”

  1. Manish Says:

    I didnt see this movie .. but I know I wont like it 🙂 . Did you see 3 idiots ? 🙂


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