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5 things which disappear when you need them the most. April 16, 2010

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This title I picked from Kiran Manral’s blogspot: http://thirtysixandcounting.wordpress.com/2010/04/13/five-things-that-disappear-just-when-you-need-them

I was inclined to list out those 5 things which disappear when I need them the most

  1. The keys- When you are trying to reach for keys, they are deep down in your handbag buried under universe of relevant and not-so-relevant items. Key will be the last to emerge from handbag. By the time this happens, my daughter would be staring at me giving that familiar u-did-it-again look.
  1. Kurta buttons – I can never find them. So I stopped purchasing kurtas for my husband. I simply cannot locate them when he needs them the most.
  1. The mobile – Can’t write anymore. I can’t find it. Though I have taken an initiative to place it on the mobile stand and make this a habit.

I want to write 5 things. I need to rush now. SO will update it later.