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At five in the afternoon February 22, 2010

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This post is about the movie I saw on some channel named “At five in the afternoon”.

I did not get a chance to see the movie full length. I viewed it somewhere half way through the start. This film had a deep impact on me and hence I am writing this post.

I will not go into the story much, rather only disclose that it is journey of a woman in a land called Afghanistan.First of all, it captures the landscape of Afghanistan unlike anything we have seen on TV. It is vast, barren and devoid of any life form. The rocky surface and empty moutains make it all the more lifeless. There is no trace of vegetation. And it showed the land in a manner that I will not want to witness myself. The only sight of this land made me feel the hardships one must be facing to survive. Yes, survive is the word. One has to survive the harsh weather, hostile regime (whichever it is), warring lords and crooked human nature.

As a person who can easily voice one’s opinion, one who can easily get that bucketful of water by turning on a tap, one who does not have to sacrifice the only possessions of one’s life only to survive, I consider my self very lucky to say the least in context of this movie.

One of the few scenes imprinted on my mind is when the lady loses her infant child in her arms and carries the infant with her for 3 days with the hope that it is frozen and not dead and will get up soon.  Second one is when there is nothing left to light a bonfire to keep the entourage warm against the chilly,harsh afghani weather and the old man is forced to burn the carriage.How symbolic!! The carriage is the only thing they can rely upon to travel the distance. they have to chose between the immediate necessity to survive against the comfort of traveling on the horse carriage.

The essence of a Afghan life is captured beautifully and realistically by the director, a woman.