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Parched Future for India? February 5, 2010

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The water woes and electricity woes of India @60 stand staring at my face. The country with ever increasing population faces some problems which are not very different from Bijli, Sadak, Pani; increasing life expectancy, decreased land under cultivation, changes in weather patterns and its subsequent effect on Agri-business needs to be addressed and addressed fast.

There are no major power generation plants under planning. How long can we depend on thermal and hydro power plants? It is time to look at renewable sources of energy. Every one knows that but no one is taking concrete steps towards it.

I think to initiate steps like these; some major overhaul needs to happen; like what happened in 1991 when magician finance minister Manmohan Singh rescued India from License Raj and paved the way for development.

Who is going to be the new era Manmohan Singh or Montek Singh who will have the ‘WILL’ and the power and responsibility to take India into the new age of excesses.